What Do You Take on a TransAmazon Cycling Trip?


Many people ask me what I am taking on the trip. This wasn’t easy to answer in a few sentances so I put together an inventory including some pics of the major categories of equipment I am bringing: clothes, electronics, mechanical parts/tools, and first aid supplies. Of course these are the basics and odds and ends are plugged in everywhere!

In the first image I have the four Axiom waterproof panniers that will be holding nearly all the supplies. Below them are the Hennessey Hammock Hyperlite in a stuff sack, four Eagle Creek packing cubes (filled with supplies I’ll get into), 5 spare inner tubes, a spare foldable tire, portuguese dictionary, passport, Rite in the Rain Field Flex notepad/pen, Steripen Adventurer UV water purifier, Topeak Alien DX 27  tool, GSI Soloist Ultralight cook set, Brunton Vapor Expedition all fuel stove, Rodovio Norte Brazil road map, Keen Commuter cycling Sandals, Topeak Mountain Morph pump, and Ryders multi lens sunglasses.

img_3326In the electronics bag there is the Brunton Solaris 26 solar panel, StreamLight Strion Rechargeable LED tactical flashlight and its associated batteries (blue) and chargers,  a Joby GorrillaPod, Qualcomm GSP 1600 satellite phone, Sansdisk Sansa Clip MP3 player, and Garmin 72 marine friendly GPS. For photo storage I have a Transcend 16GB SDHC card.


In the clothing bag I have 2 ExOfficio Halo Insect Shield shirts and one Insect Shield Convertable pant, one pair of Birdwell Beach Britches, one Speedo (when in Brazil…), REI Mesh Fitness Cap, 2 pairs of Squadra bib cycling shorts, cycling gloves, Sierra Designs Microlight rain suit, and Outdoor Research Spring Ring headnet.

img_3334Moving on to the spare parts (and some odss and ends) I have candles (for my candle latern not pictured), 2 Shimano chains, Suunto Compass, tire levers, Brooks Saddle wrench, 10 spare Mavic spokes, 4 hose clamps, a length of multi use cable, a set of spare derailleur cables, 6 bottles of Ben’s 100% Deet bug spray, Gorrilla Glue, thread lock, zip ties, assorted nuts and bolts, spare set of platform pedals, and CR2032 batteries for watch and cycling computer.

img_3333Now the supplies to repair my body! In the back row there are the prescription meds including Malarone for malaria, a Z-Pak, Cipro, and an EpiPen. The various rolls of gauze and athletic tape, an Ace bandage, rubber gloves, tweezers, Neosporin, assortment of bandaids, a mirror (for looking in those hard to see spots ;-) , eye mask, ear plugs, Johnson Ultraheal Multi-day large bandages, zinc oxide, antifungal cream, antiseptic wipes, thermometer, and a litany of pills for all sorts of mild ailments (too many to list even here).

There are a few items not pictured above that I’ll be taking…they have yet to arrive.


The Nikon Coolpix p6000 will hopefully arrive in time to be the camera I use to capture all this adventure.


And, the Dell Inspirion Mini Netbook…also in transit.

To protect these pieces of equipment I am waiting on Aquapac waterproof pouches. I also plan on taking a harmonica to break up the earie unhuman noises of the jungle!

5 Responses to “What Do You Take on a TransAmazon Cycling Trip?”
  1. I’d add some duct tape to that list…you could wrap a good 10 feet around part of your frame or water bottle (the same way it lays on the roll) and you could peel it off lust like a roll of tape. Also, a little super glue is handy for broken gear and ripped body parts! Supposedly THE BEST liquid stitches. Also a little sewing kit could prove useful for the same purposes and for repairing tears to you or your gear. Foam ear plugs.

    by ed
    on 17. Sep, 2009

  2. @ ed

    i have super glue, duct tape, and other sorts of small fix items unmentioned above.

    by doug
    on 17. Sep, 2009

  3. Sounds like you are well prepared. Can’t wait to get some updates from the road.

    by ed
    on 18. Sep, 2009

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