Tudo Bem From Belem


This is my first full day in Belem at the mouth of the Amazon river and at the edge of the jungle. So far I have assembled my bike (with some issues), figured out the land line (SAT phone is having issues) and took a quick ride around this huge city.

During the flight my bike wasn´t quite handled carefully and both my wheels have some large gouges in the rim. This could prove to be quite a problem down the road.

Also, the SAT phone gets about 15-20 min of signal during any given hour and even then the call cannot be connected due to unknown reasons as of yet.

But the city is hot, huge, and bustling. I´ve visted Ver do Paso (I think that`s correct, means See the Weight) and it is a large market with all sorts of fish, oinments, and plants from the jungle.


While sitting in the park tinkering with the phone I realized I was in the middle of a Leaf Cutter ant highway. They had enormous jaws and were carrying what looked like seed pods from a nearby tree.


I´ve also tried some local Street Meat in the form of a chicken sandwich with some other stuff I didn´t quite recognize. It tasted good though, now it´s time to see if my body rejects its!


I used an internet cafe to do my first post.The speed is decent considering the condition of the computer. If I can figure out a feasible way to use my Dell Inspirion Mini I will edit some video for upload.

Until then, Ate Logo from Belem!


20 Responses to “Tudo Bem From Belem”
  1. Good the see and hear you are doing well! Your technical issues will work out once you gain a sense of the rhythem of their idosyncricities.

    by ed
    on 23. Sep, 2009

  2. Wow! That place looks really interesting–you look good too. Sara is coming up for a couple of days (Thur. Fri). we are going to pull traps. Take care of yourself and it will be wonderful if the pictures can keep coming. Love you

    by Maggie Mom Gunzelmann
    on 23. Sep, 2009

  3. Pretty cool stuff! Keep it coming, and I’ll keep Nate and the family in NY up-to-date!

    by Beth
    on 23. Sep, 2009

  4. Glad to see that you are off and running on your adventure. Part of me wishes you had a support team when technical issues like that come up, but it seems that part of what will make this journey uniquely yours is the personal perseverance it will take to make it through what ever hinderances there are along the way.

    by Kenneth McKlinski
    on 23. Sep, 2009

  5. What an adventure! We are following along here in Montana.
    Looking forward to each update. Be safe…Love you.

    by Aunt Janie
    on 23. Sep, 2009

  6. Looks like the adventure has started along with some unexpected stuff. That’s why it’s an adventure. Belem looks surprizingly busy and much biggger than I though from the map. Be safe and stay in touch. Let us know how we can help. Love, Dad

    by Joe
    on 23. Sep, 2009

  7. So far so good! Tomorrow starts the big push..

    by sara
    on 24. Sep, 2009

  8. Happy Birthday Doug, Have a great ride. look forward to following your posts

    by Erek
    on 24. Sep, 2009

  9. Happy Birthday Doug, enjoy the day!

    by Adam
    on 24. Sep, 2009

  10. Happy Birthday brother.

    by ed
    on 24. Sep, 2009

  11. Hope you have great birthday “bro”! “It’s all really happening.” Keep us updated!

    by amy gunz
    on 24. Sep, 2009

  12. Happpy Birthday Douglas–what a way to celebrate–have a great day and remember we are all with you. Love Mom and Dad

    by Mom
    on 24. Sep, 2009

  13. What up? Happy Birthday from your little brother. See you when you get home. John

    by John
    on 24. Sep, 2009

  14. Happy birthday, Gunzelmann. I’ll be following you here. Good luck!

    by Mishka
    on 24. Sep, 2009

  15. Happy belated, Gunzelmann. Best of luck to you. Post more pictures! The first few are fantastic!

    by Moose
    on 25. Sep, 2009

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  18. [...] I set out on my first ever bicycle expedition. The first time I had ever been to Brazil I landed in Belem at the mouth of the Amazon River with a used mountain bike I had bought on eBay six weeks prior. My [...]

  19. Wow! Sounds like an amazing adventure.

    by Hammock Swing Chair
    on 13. Sep, 2013

  20. Hello Doug.
    I am from Brazil (altough on the other side of it, Rio Grande do Sul), and I just found out your site. I can’t wait to read how the adventure went.
    A little correction: the market is called “Ver-o-peso”, but you were close.
    Have a nice week! :)

    by Guilherme Atencio
    on 03. Sep, 2014

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