Some Post Ride Research: Elevation Profile


This is a rough elevation profile from Puerto Maldonado, in South East Peru in the Amazon basin, to Nasca which is located on the coastal desert. The profile shows the rise into the Andes, the numerous ups and downs as I crossed hundreds of miles through the range, and the descent back to sea level around the city of Nasca.

The last day in the Andes I had a roughly 60 mile downhill ride from 13-14,000 ft. You can see from the profile there is one final climb to the Pampas Galeras before the profile shows a smooth curve downhill to below a couple thousand feet elevation.



This is a cross section from a day on the Transamazonica between Novo Rapartimento and Pacaja in Brazil. My first day on the Transamazonica proved to be intensely hilly. The TransAm was filled with brutally steep, frequent, but short climbs. Looking back I remember them as being much more demoralizing than the gradual climbs in the Andes.


My longest day was between Humaita and Porto Velho. I made over 130 miles due to the smooth pavement and flatter road. Here is the profile for that section of the ride.


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