Sierra Designs Microlight Rainwear


I won’t be brining much in the way of clothes (considering the heat index will be above 100F nearly everyday) but I was able to get my hands on the Sierra Designs Microlight rain jacket and pants. The weight and packability of these two items is key.

I figure rainwear might come in handy in the Amazon Basin even in the “dry” season (which of course is far from dry). The Microlight is polyester taffeta and weighs just a few grams.  Although basic enough for use under nearly any travel excursion I am going to put this sucker to the test for sure! Hopefully it doesn’t come back like cheese cloth from mosquito punctures.


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  1. Hello,

    I know some time has passed but did you ever do any post ride reviews? I’m planning a similar ride hopefully next year and would love to hear your thoughts on kit. Must have been the perfect tester.

    by Paul
    on 12. Oct, 2015

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