Sewing Mosquito Nets and Skining My Knuckles


These next few days are all I have to iron out the kinks in my gear and pack it up. My mosquito netting needed some alteration to accommodate guy lines, the bike needed to be broken down and boxed, and the remaining gear divvied up into the appropriate weight bundles to minimize baggage fees.


It took me about 5 tries and three different bike boxes before I found a combo that fit. I took the rear derailleur off, put it back on, took off the fork, duct tape all the parts in a myriad of positions, skinned my knuckles on the damn disc brake rotors (those suckers are sharp!) but finally have the bike boxed and under 50lbs.


God help me when I have to ship this thing back home.

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  1. wish you all the best….

    by Tiegest
    on 18. Sep, 2009

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