Rollin Brazilian Style


With only 37 miles on my agenda for today I had time to take it easy. I tested my new Brazilian light weight woven cowboy hat, cracked open a Schin lager on the road, and watched the trucks roll past.

I now find myself in the one horse town of Placas. There isn´t much to see or do in this town but I did notice a traveling circus with a Big Top set up just behind the main drag. With a little luck things will get lively later on.

While climbing a hill today I stopped to take a picture of a perfect example of the “soil” conditions typically found in the Amazon. It´s easy to see that all the life that occurs in this soil is in the top few inches, everthing is recycled almost perfectly above the surface. If you scratch just a little deeper you´ll see that below lies hard lifeless dust and sand.


Once the fertile top layer is cut, burned, and dragged away there´s not much left to work with… and biking through it sucks too!

Well I think I look the part of a Brazilian Gaucho, maybe minus the skin tight spandex cycling shorts.


9 Responses to “Rollin Brazilian Style”
  1. Keep drinking the beer, it will help you gain the weight back. What’s your overall milage now? You have to be getting close to 1000k

    by Pete
    on 06. Oct, 2009

  2. I bet the Brazilian Gaucho’s wish they were wearing those tight ass shorts. Probably haven’t used that butt’r cream huh? I bet it would turn to mud with all that dusty dirt! All of us here at 69 South Rd are rooting for you, we check your site every day. Keep up the good work.

    by Erek
    on 06. Oct, 2009

  3. What a great adventure you are on. Combining spandex bicycling pants with a comboy hat is very fashion forward.

    by Sara's Dad
    on 06. Oct, 2009

  4. Glad to see you found the energy to throw down a cold (or quite warm) one! Stay tough man!

    by Yost
    on 07. Oct, 2009

  5. Keep that hat…you have the perfect tan fringe leather jacket somewhere at home to match it.

    by ed
    on 07. Oct, 2009

  6. Very appropriate warm beer drinking attire….

    by amy gunz
    on 07. Oct, 2009

  7. Finding some shade and cracking a beer, and watching the dust blow by when you are tired is a time honored Burner tradition – will just have to get you some blinkies for your bike and you will fit right in!

    Again, thanks for documenting your observations – know I know how NASA scientists feel when they get images back from their rovers, something you are accomplishing on a lot leaner budget and a few more beers than solar cells.

    by Ken
    on 12. Oct, 2009

  8. Haha. I like to operate on the edge.

    by doug
    on 27. Oct, 2009

  9. Thanks for following. The chamoix cream has become a staple item of my gear. I’m very glad I´ve kept it, definately has saved me a few afternoons.

    by doug
    on 27. Oct, 2009

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