Procuring a Brazilian Visa...Let the Headaches Begin


The process of getting a Brazilian Visa should be straight forward for most tourists. Simply present your round trip ticket, passport, pay the fee, hand over some little square photos and off you go. Luckily I live close to the Brazilian Consulate here in Boston as well. My one dilemma is that round trip ticket part!

Since I plan on leaving the country via a land route I won’t need a round trip ticket. Getting in touch with someone at the consulate is nearly a joke. You can visit between noon and 1pm…with an appointment. You can call between 3pm and 5pm, but the line is typically busy the whole time. When you do get through you’re sent straight to an answering machine. Messages are left unreturned, emails unanswered, even having your Brazilian friend work his magic and experience has been fruitless.

Plan B is to apply for a Press Visa. For this I need a letter of Good Standing from my local police department, a letter from my media company (luckily I do have one and it’s my friend Matt and myself, incorporated in New Hampshire), my Birth Certificate, and a passport. That sets me free to the interior of Brazil for up to 4 years! It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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  1. Is that my passport? :-) oh ya, Brazil. I idid that 10 years ago..

    by sara
    on 11. Jul, 2009

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