Physical Training has Begun for the Trip...Minus a Bike

With about 90 days to go before lift off from Boston, I am well on my way planning and preparing for the trip. I’d like my endurance to be top notch once I hit the highways of Brazil as I plan on biking 6 hours plus per day in temperatures hitting the upper 90′s with relentless humidity. These are easy statements to make from my 65F hometown conditions so far this June here in Boston. I am narrowing the search and criteria for the bike I will be taking on the trip and plan to be performing trials with the equipment within a month.

2 Responses to “Physical Training has Begun for the Trip…Minus a Bike”
  1. Glad to see you are putting rubber to the road…even if it’s the rubber on your shoes. Keep on planning and training.

    by Ed
    on 24. Jun, 2009

  2. Doug, It’s your Aunt Janie in Montana. Your Mom wanted me to ask you, “What the F#@& you were doing?” The truth is I’m jealous. I think what to have planned is very cool. Just be careful. “Hello to Sara”

    by Aunt Janie
    on 10. Jul, 2009

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