One Week Before Epic Jungle Expedition: Time For a Soak & a Beer


With one week to go it’s time to fatten up, stay healthy, keep out of trouble, and relax! Over the past few months I have chipped away at the slew of preparatory tasks. With the exception of a few minor loose ends (waiting for the camera and dry bags to show up) I am ready to ship out to Belem.

I have been force feeding myself this past week and a half (I usually have a light appetite) in an attempt to put on some El Bees (lbs) of fat. I’m predicting some significant weight loss with the long hours on the bike, the heat, and general effort it will take to get by each day.

The bike is in top notch shape with the help of my friend ,and complete bike Guru, Greg. I’ve replaced the handle bars from carbon fiber to aluminum (more durable), the pedals have changed three times (finally have brand new Crank Brother Candy’s), the tires have been switched from tubeless to standard inner tube style, brake pads have been replaced, middle chain ring replaced (worn out), racks installed, seat changed to a Brooks Flyer touring saddle, a kickstand added (so convenient!), and a front fender installed.

The hard part to prepare for is leaving everything I know, everyone I know, and communicating only sporadically. At any given moment we can connect with our friends and family. Whether it’s by Facebook, Twitter, cell phone, text, etc we never have to be truly alone.

Even while taking a bath “alone” I was talking to three people via text. Those moments will soon be over, and may be the biggest adjustment I’ll have to make in the comming months.

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