Man Swims Length of Amazon River

I read about Martin Strel about a year ago and was inspired by his story. He just finished a world record marathon swim down the length of the Amazon, 3,327 miles!

“The swim wasn’t just risky, it almost destroyed my mind. Although my body is ready, it will be years before I’m mentally prepared to face another challenge. In a way the Amazon was my Everest – I don’t have anywhere else to go. My focus is spreading the environmental message and campaigning for rivers. “And for now I’m happy to keep my feet on dry land.”

Martin, who has earned a living as a guitarist, supermarket worker and gambler, went on to conquer the Danube in Europe and America’s Mississippi before visiting South America – where he was shocked by the state of the Amazon. He started training hard in Slovenia with running, cross-country skiing, gymnastics and swimming – and bulked up with a diet of horse burgers and two bottles of wine a day.

This is just a quick recap of a totally insane and dedicated man. Be sure to check out the whole article¬†and Martin’s website, AmazonSwim.


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