Hennessy Hammock Hyperlite Shelter


I have been experimenting with the new Hennessy Hammock Hyperlite in preparating for the trip. I have little experience with hammock tents (other than an old army surlpus 20$ P.O.S. that quickly flipped and ripped) and I’m trying to get the knack of the thing. So far it seems like it should work perfect in the Amazon.

The Hyperlite is 6′ long and can support about 200lbs (I weigh in at 160 lbs currently). The unit itself weighs 1 lb 10 oz which is pretty sweet considering the reports of extremely steep hills the TransAm tends to dart straight up (to prevent the rains from washing the road away).

hennessybikeI will also be using a very fine mosquito netting around the entire hammock. The hammock is fully enclosed, however, vicious biting insects can penetrate the nylon bottom of the hammock and you can wake up covered in welts. To ensure this doesn’t happen I have a fully enclosed 2000 hole per sq inch net that will drape below the hammock leaving a gap between it and my butt.

The great thing about the Hennessy hammock is it takes about 2 min tops to set it up and break it down. Also, I will be off the ground away from muck, ants, Bushmasters, and all other sorts of creepy crawlies. This is also important considering late night downpours and flash floods. I don’t plan on needing a sleeping roll either since padding (or insulation on the equator) will be an issue. That saves a decent amount of space on my rig.


The Snake Skins are a simple and time saving accessory. They are simply nylon tubes that fit over the support lines on either end of the hammock. When you are ready to pack it in you simply pull the Snake Skin from each end of the support lines and stuff the hammock body and canopy into the tubes. Everything is ready to unroll for the next time you need to set up. I think once I am proficient at this it will take mere seconds to prepare camp.



More at Hennessy Hammock.

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  1. I came up with this many years ago. It went nowhere as I wouldn’t let it go for a US contractor to take over, so the Army never even looked at it.
    Is something you would be interested … bare in mind, I will have to make some, as none have actually existed in years. You can see here http://adventuretechnologies.blogspot.com/ .

    by Marcel Kuemmet
    on 04. Oct, 2010

  2. Texture Tuesday is so inspiring isn’t it? And I love what you have done! I also rellay like your handwriting font it’s super easy to read, and rellay gives your blog a nice home-y feel like and old letter re-read many times! : )

    by Abassi
    on 19. Dec, 2015

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