From the Jungle to Boston's Sexiest

From STUFF magazine out of Boston:

“The Amazon Pilgrim”

The globe-trotting adventure seeker has scaled towering mountains, trained in martial arts in Thailand, and celebrated a birthday dodging angry bulls (to think, the rest of us just ride them at Liquor Store). But it was his recent 10-week solo bike ride through 6000 kilometers of the Brazilian Amazon, a journey rapturously documented on his website (, which got our adrenaline pumping in all the right ways.

Does your experience translate into sex appeal? Hell yeah! Much of what got me through my trip was confidence. Now I’m pretty sure I can handle most situations. Facing a jaguar in a thunderstorm at dusk in the middle of the Amazon alone and coming out unscathed is pretty bad-ass. Who wouldn’t dig that?

Danger is sexy: what’s the most dangerous spot you’ve been in? I pounded a few beers and got in a bullfighting ring on a volcanic island in Nicaragua. The ground was all mud. It was violently raining. When the bull charged, the idea was to jump up the retaining wall to avoid being gored. Absolutely thrilling!

With all the “roughing it,” what’s been your least “sexy” experience? Shimmying my cycling shorts off and running for a roadside ditch “bathroom break” as I cycled through the desert with a raging fever.

Ready? “The wildest place I’ve hooked up is…” The middle of a river.

“The sexiest celebrity is…” Kate Winslet is my go-to fantasy girl. She’s all woman with her curves, composure, and class. I’d cycle back across the Amazon for a drink with her!

4 Responses to “From the Jungle to Boston’s Sexiest”
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  2. whoever wrote this Doug, has made you look a w@nker! I was intrigued by your blog, and unless this article is trying to be funny (we all know the americans tried to do the version of “The Office”, say no more, i suggest removing this!

    by steve
    on 12. May, 2010

  3. Steve, of course it’s trying to be funny. This would be a tough thing to take all that seriously. Sarcasm can mostly be found world wide.

    by Doug
    on 01. Jun, 2010

  4. I find this… and the american version of the office pretty hilarious. Nice read mate :D

    by jb
    on 06. Jun, 2010

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