Cowboy Hat Lost in the Jungle Comes Into Town on Familiar Head


While tinkering with a broken pedal on my bike I see a familiar face come down the street…and atop his head is the very hat I lost in the jungle 4 days ago!

I started laughing when I saw Mr. Shotgun, the poacher, wearing my cowboy hat. He was with the Boss of course and we shook hands and he plopped it back on my head. They both gave me the thumbs up and that was that.

It had fallen off the fuel truck during the escape from the Puma. They must have found it while doing work in the area.

Ha ha, I am back in cowboy hat business!

8 Responses to “Cowboy Hat Lost in the Jungle Comes Into Town on Familiar Head”
  1. You must have been worried sick about that hat. Thank goodness Mr. Shotgun is an honest man?

    by Mom
    on 17. Oct, 2009

  2. Nice. It’d be a shame to lose such a kick-ass hat.

    Good luck with the rest of trip.

    by Stephen Millet
    on 18. Oct, 2009

  3. Haha! That’s awesome man! Glad to hear you are doing well.

    by Yost
    on 18. Oct, 2009

  4. Great to hear you’re doing well and that you’re meeting some great people along the way. Bet you’re going to be in trouble for the title of that last post – good to see that your sense of humor is still in tact!

    by Beth & Nate
    on 19. Oct, 2009

  5. Pretty cool to have that sort of luck and people with the forethought and integrity to see your hat put back on your head like that : D

    by Ken
    on 19. Oct, 2009

  6. Glad you got your hat back. Stay cool and keep up the great posts!

    by Dan & Sarena
    on 19. Oct, 2009

  7. Now that you got your hat back, you get to celebrate with Mr. shotgun over a brazilian shot hahaha. ( vamos tomar uma cachaca amigo! )= let’s get a drink my friend. I am sure you have done that already. Keep it up with the Brazilian dudes.

    by idario
    on 20. Oct, 2009

  8. The other nite while camping I had some 2 dollar cachaca out of a plastic bottle. Uggh! Tasted like kerosene. That´s what I get for being cheap.

    by doug
    on 27. Oct, 2009

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