Brunton Solaris 26 Folding Solar Panel is Pretty Slick


I plan on using this Brunton portable/foldable solar panel while on the trek to recharge some of the electronic gadgets. The Brunton Solaris delivers 12V (under pretty low light from my testing) and should work great so close to the equator!

It folds to the size of a children’s book and is amazingly light. I’ve used it on a completely overcast day here in Boston and was able to charge my cell phone with ease.

The solar cells are CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide) and are reported to be the “most efficient thin film solar technology available.”


  • Overall dimensions: 21.5″x37.5″
  • Overall dimensions folded: 11″x8.5″x1″
  • Weight: 28 oz
  • Panel type: CIGS
  • Max output: 26 watts

Brunton has a whole line of durable outdoor solar equipment. Check out Brunton and the Solaris.

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  1. [...] already used the DC charger that comes with the kit to hook up the Brunton Solaris for recharing the battery. This should suffice for the journey, maybe I can use the Rugged [...]

  2. I have a similar one ,24 watt tactical (brand) from camp shop,when charging 12v batteries do you need a charge contrĂ´ler for over charge or does it have one built in

    by Mick
    on 10. Nov, 2013

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