Amazon Heartthrob

GreenopiaGreenopia made a list of  ”10 Green Guys We Love” and Doug made the list amongst the likes of Jack Johnson, Adrian Grenier and uh, me. Check it out

3 Responses to “Amazon Heartthrob”
  1. oh man…you made it onto a short list with Vince. you’re my hero now.

    by John K.
    on 06. Oct, 2009

  2. Good thing you are in an open area…without any doors…not sure if you could fit your head through a door way after this article.

    Good work buddy, keep the pedals moving!

    by Greg
    on 06. Oct, 2009

  3. It´s getting tough to haul this noggin´ up hills.

    by doug
    on 27. Oct, 2009

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