Advice From Jeremy Wade of River Monsters


I recently emailed Jeremy Wade of the TV show River Monsters on Animal Planet to ask his advice on certain factors when trekking in the Amazon. Jeremy is an accomplished angler and biologist with much experience in the Brazilian Amazon.

My questions were as follows:

  1. Do you ever use a water purification pump for drinking when in the Amazon?
  2. How you deal with waterborne diseases such as trichomoniasis, leishmaniasis, etc?

I am a huge fan of River Monsters and its host, Jeremy, and highly value his input. I promptly recieved this email in response, despite the fact he was on location filming the next season of River Monster’s coming on in 2010:

Water filter of some kind a good idea, various different ones on the market, but to be honest most of the time (except when on film trips) I’ve just drunk straight from the river. But I do have a fairly cast-iron constitution, possibly a result of getting quite ill in the past and then getting over it.

On a cycle trip, though, where you don’t want to be laid up at all by illness, water quality very important. Incidentally you should be able to get bottled mineral water in quite a few places, if that’s OK. As for general illnesses, it’s just the basic thing of washing hands before eating (there are some good hospital-style spray-on soaps which evaporate after application, which are very good) and keeping fingernails short. You can’t really do much about stuff in the water, or insect borne (apart from anti-malarials and repellents and a lightweight mosquito net) — except get checked out when you get home.

Make sure you treat small wounds (you probably know this) as in the tropics they can get worse if not attended to.

Definitely a good idea to learn as much Portuguese as possible too….

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47 Responses to “Advice From Jeremy Wade of River Monsters”
  1. i am totally fascinated by this show! i have learned things i never new before. i cannot wait until the new season. i think jeremy is handsome & funny! i tape every show. keep it up!

    by kelli w. gill
    on 07. Sep, 2009

  2. I watch program “River monsters” on Discovery channel & I like it very match. Jeremy is a hot guy, also without shirt! He fishing me up on his hock:) Anna, Kyiv, Ukraine

    by Anna
    on 24. Feb, 2010

  3. I am in Vietnam, I like the program Discovery Channel, I like the Jeremy Wade’s programes about RIVER MONSTERS in AMAZON. Jeremy Wade is the courageous man, I admired him. The first I don’t know his name exactly then I found on the internet and I got his name and his website,I happy about this. I love him because he courageous man

    by nguyentrang
    on 17. Mar, 2010

  4. great show, a must watch.

    by mike
    on 25. Apr, 2010

  5. Do you have a schedule of how people can meet you?

    by margie
    on 20. May, 2010

  6. Hello. I am supposing you mean to direct this at Jeremy Wade? I found his contact info on his website.

    by Doug
    on 01. Jun, 2010

  7. hi jeremy wade i wach your show a lot i was just wondering if you ever tryed to cach the big catfish in the lacks in the us i hear a lot of storeys of ginet ones live in them and you need to find out if there true ro not soposto be big enuf to eat a man i hear iv never seen one but if thay do get that big how do i cach one

    by jason
    on 26. Jun, 2010

  8. Hi Jeremy,
    My name is Ethan Rogers I’m 7 years old and my passion in life is to be a fisherman.I fish every day and when I’m not fishing I watch River Monsters Every day. I have all the shows recorded and know everything you say and catch.
    Thank you for River monsters.I hope one day you can come to Georgia and we could go fishing in my lake.There is a huge Catfish in my lake.
    I need a jeremy Wade fishing pole to catch this Monster.
    He keeps breaking my line.
    Sincerly, Ethan Rogers Temple, Ga

    by Ethan Rogers
    on 15. Aug, 2010

  9. I love your program and would go to great lengths to meet you.

    by SonjaAndersen
    on 04. Jan, 2011

  10. I find your show very interesting. This is the only fishing show I’ve ever found interesting. Last summer they found a shark swimming in the Ohio River between Ohio and Kentucky. I’m not sure how many there are, but I still would enjoy you filming here. TV Communications was my major in college, I would gladly enjoy the opportunity to help out for free. I also find you super intelligent and would love to talk to you. If you wish please contact me I will send a picture/info through this website’s info area if so. Would like to meet you and your crew if the opportunity arises. Thanks, looking forward to your new shows for 2011.

    by Judy LeClair
    on 19. Jan, 2011

  11. Hi,
    How do U get to e-mail or talk w/Jeremy personally?…There are so many women that would like to know that…and are/is U/he involved w/anyone?..Just like to know…Kim, Columbia, SC…LOVE River Monsters…great show..very informative and love watching Jeremy do his thing…

    by Kim Jones
    on 07. Feb, 2011

  12. That is one great pic and I’m not talking about the River Monster….LOL

    by Kim Jones
    on 07. Feb, 2011

  13. I would soooooo tap that

    by Reily
    on 01. Mar, 2011

  14. I would like to know where you get the stuff you need for making your own steel leders. I watch your show, and love it. keep it going, oh and find out about the ginte catfish I have herd stroys too.

    by Richard Snellenberger
    on 14. Apr, 2011

  15. This is surprising. I want to say again:

    THIS IS NOT JEREMY WADE’S BLOG! He does not read these posts, he will not see them. Asking him questions here will not get them answered.

    That being said, feel free to post about him nonetheless.

    by Doug
    on 14. Apr, 2011

  16. Hello Jeremy,
    I watch your show all the time. I would love to meet you but don’t know how to go about it. I admire what you do. So courageness. My dream is to meet you..

    by Lauren Goodman
    on 21. May, 2011

  17. This is not his site. He will never see your comment.

    by Doug
    on 26. May, 2011

  18. Clueless people do not read your comments, Doug. LOL!!!

    by Danielle
    on 22. Jul, 2011

  19. hey jeremy i really enjoy watching your show anyway i got a river monster for you on the ohio river in aliquippa pa my dad and i met some guys that catch catfish 5 to 8 feet long so contact me soon

    by Ian
    on 27. Aug, 2011

  20. i am truly fascinated with yyour show,i live in huntington,WV and have so many wild tales ive heard since i was a kid,youve just inspired me to look more into them.the fact that you get to fish and search for the mysterious things in this beautiful and unknown world is amazing,thanks so much

    by gina anderson
    on 02. Oct, 2011

  21. Jeremy, i am your biggest fan and i have watched all of the river monsters episodes,my favorite episode is when you catch the welsh catfish. i would like to catch a monster catfish,but could you give me some advice. i am 12 years old and a girl do you think the catfish could be bigger than me?

    by Leah Galford
    on 17. Oct, 2011

  22. doug shut up!!!

    by cassy blurry
    on 17. Oct, 2011

  23. I’m amazed at all the people who really expect Mr. Wade to contact them! These must be the same ones who believe that Sarah Palin can see Russia from across the street from where she lives….

    by JoEllen Hamilton
    on 19. Dec, 2011

  24. Hey Jeremy do you know how to have a person on your show,I mean i would like to go to the places you go and learn how to catch a giant bullshark or aripimas.

    by Troy Gelhar
    on 23. Dec, 2011

  25. Jeremy seems awesome, still down to earth. I LOVE the comments where people must think this is his blog or something hahaha good on you Doug, I’d email Jeremy myself but all of require from him is a date so I doubt I’d get a reply of any sort!

    by Julia
    on 23. Dec, 2011

  26. jetremy is my hero i admire him he is insane im 10 years old and love his show its vantastic

    by rhylan
    on 02. Feb, 2012

  27. jeremy is my hero i admire him he is insane im 10 years old and love his show its vantastic

    by rhylan
    on 02. Feb, 2012

  28. jeremy is my hero i admire him he is insane im 10 years old and love his show its fantastic

    by rhylan
    on 02. Feb, 2012

  29. Great article, Doug — thank you! Suffice it to say, you have uncovered a motherload of Jeremy’s fan’s! It is really nice that he wrote you back — good luck on your trip!

    by Kathy
    on 04. Feb, 2012

  30. Jeremy. I live in the far reaches of Michigans’ Upper Peninsula on a bay of the vast fresh water Sea; Lake Superior.
    I have talked to many old local anglers about the man sized northern pike and bigger that live in these waters.
    I know where to go to catch them. But what should I use for bait.
    I saw a GIANT swimming in the shallows last year. The fish was half as long as my 18ft canoe. It was nearly as big around as the boat is wide. 55inches. I need to know what to use for bait and how to rig.
    Keep catchin and livin. Peace,tight lines,RIVER MONSTERS ON FOR L I F E!!!

    on 14. Apr, 2012

  31. I love this show i hope to become a better fishermen or women. i have a fish story that ive been te3lling forever that happen to me and my dad its funny. so one day me and my dad went fishing and he complained about not catching anything on his louer and i ask him if i can try his louer and the minte that i put the louer in the water i cought a 20 LBer and i was about 10 or 11. it was awsome and ive been fasanated with fishing ever sence.

    by Madalyne
    on 08. Jun, 2012

  32. river monsters is my favourite fishing programme. i am a predator fisherman myself but i never catch anything as big as jeremy does. i would love to go in search of big predator fish myself in the future as fishing is my passion. the biggest fish i cauht was 22lbs and it was a pike from my local river {the river avon} i have to say i will allways be a fan of jeremy wade.

    by daniel
    on 05. Nov, 2012

  33. yeah great show ,facinating from the beggining to the end every time,but have I got a story for you ,: nessie spotted in oz down under.,in river clarence n.s.w.

    by gerd angermann
    on 06. Nov, 2012

  34. Hey jermery have u heard bout the catfish the divers seen wh en the silver bridge fell in point pleasant wv. Check in to it. Heard they went down to look for ppl in cars, and catfish were as big as vw bugs and was eating on ppl that went down with the bridge. The divers were so scared of them that they wouldnt go back do
    wn there….check into it. U might want to make a show about it…

    by jeff ellison
    on 13. Dec, 2012

  35. Boo Boo wani maka was here

    by Luke
    on 17. May, 2013

  36. Why won’t you show the footage it is very unlike you to agree to such a thing. Your reputation is on the line in my eyes. Why film if you aren’t going to share it with the fans that make it possible for you to travel the globe FISHING!!!! I love the show but I’m kinda upset about your not showing the ohio river episode. If you drug up a body or something crazy I can understand protecting an on going investigation but if something exists In these waters I and everyone would like a heads up

    by Me
    on 29. Apr, 2014

  37. How do you cast an open faced reel without getting backlash?

    by Joe
    on 19. May, 2014

  38. Hey Jeremy, I have been watching River Monsters since the first episode big fan.
    I need a knew rod, I want a 15-20lb spinning rod. I have two in mind, one is carbon fiber the other is 30ton graphite. Which material do you recommend?

    by Karsten Diercks
    on 09. Jun, 2014

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  42. Jeremy wade I am a extremely big fan of your show and I would love to fish with you my name is Alec mcwithey I live in Dickinson North Dakota I’m 13 years old and it’s my dream to go fishing one day with you and I would love to hear from you my number is 701-590-9924 I’m your biggest fan and I’m a good fishermen

    by Alec
    on 07. May, 2015

  43. Excellent blog here! Also your web site loads up fast!
    What weeb host are you using? Can I get our affiliate link to your host?
    I wish my site loaded up as fast as yours lol

    by rea
    on 13. May, 2015

  44. What was the email address you used? I’m trying to do something special for my father because he is a big fan of Jeremy, and I need the his email for it. Pls tell me.

    by Anonymous
    on 02. Jun, 2015

  45. I’m from Kentucky i live close to Kentucky lake n lake Barkley known to the world as land between the lakes we have a dam on Kentucky lake n all my life I’ve heard ab catfish as big as cars by the dam I fish there a lot I have seen some huge fish come out of there but know there’s bigger I would like to c it investagated

    by Paul
    on 04. Mar, 2016

  46. Hola jeremy vivo en uruguay SOS un genio miro todos tus videos nunca deves de a ser los siempre miraré el programa

    by Angel
    on 09. Apr, 2017

  47. SOS un kapo desiaría conoserte vivo en uruguayo chapicuy departamento de paysandu

    by Angel
    on 09. Apr, 2017

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