The Mission

In this expedition I will mountain bike across South America through the Brazilian Amazon in an effort to inspire and educate about our precious environment through actively engaging the outdoors and promoting the story of my adventure. 2009-05-18_2016

What makes this trip important is the timeliness of the trek. Currently debates are taking place to determine the fates of these highways, namely whether they should be paved and maintained. This would undoubtedly have an enormous impact on the jungle’s health.

Right now, more than ever, we are experiencing the evidence of global climate change from man’s actions. The importance of witnessing, on a firsthand basis, the effect of mankind’s misguided drive towards development in such a crucial part of the world holds great merits. Reaching the interior of the Amazon via land routes is no small task in and of itself. The journey has the potential to reveal many insights about the way humans interact with their environment.

Through this endeavor I will:

  • Interact with the inhabitants living along the highway to understand their struggles
  • Study the way people live with the land and the quality of life available there
  • Observe the changes highway infrastructure makes on the jungle environment
  • Question what people need versus want and the motivation behind their actions
  • Understand the parallels between the history of American expansion and that occurring in Brazil

The Transamazonica has been cycled in its entirety only a handful of times. This expedition will be a well documented traverse with real time updates via blog posting, GPS tracking, and photo uploads.