My goal is to bike the width of the Amazon jungle via the Transamazonica Highway from Belem to the Peruvian coast. Once to the edge of Brazil, in the heart of the Amazon, I will negotiate my way into Peru, over the Andes, and to the Pacific Ocean, God willing.

Why this route? This is a perfect place to experience the essence of struggle. Personally, I will face a physical and psychological struggle to transverse this harsh and relentless landscape. I will also witness an environmental clash which the jungle is facing against man’s relentless encroachment. Finally, social strife will be examined between the people who were meant to lead the Amazon towards “progress” and the everyday battle they meet carving out an existence on this frontier.

The route between Belem at the mouth of the Amazon in Brazil’s Para state to Cruzeiro do Sul in the state of Acre is roughly 6000km, or 3750 miles. During the rainy season (generally mid December to mid May) much of the highway is a washed out mud pit. During the dryer season, temperatures sore through the 90′s F with the high equatorial sun boring down. The mud becomes red dust that permeates every crevice of your body and equipment.