About Me


img_2368I am a perpetual motion machine and a self-proclaimed adventure junkie that has had a longtime love affair with the great outdoors.

I once trained Muay Thai in Pattaya Thailand, climbed Mt Rainier and solo bivvied on the summit of Mt Washington in winter, drove 2000mi over the Peruvian Andes twice in a 54hp car, and celebrated my 27th birthday in a bull fighting ring in Nicaragua.

I earned a degree in biology from the University of Notre Dame, live and work in Boston, Massachusetts in the biotech world, and spend every spare moment scheming up the next adventure.

I’m also involved as an editor for greenUPGRADER, a website dedicated to sustainable products, ideas, and news to help upgrade you to a greener lifestyle. As an experienced writer, blogger, traveler, and athlete all my skills will be put to the test during this campaign.

I’ll rely on my mental tenacity, physical endurance, and endless passion for the wilderness to persevere through this expedition.

Ground Control:

Matt & Sara are back in the US providing logistical, technical and moral support.


By day Matt is a humble public servant but by night he publishes the LiveOAK Media network, the network of sustainability focused sites he and I founded. Somewhere in between night and day Matt better find the time to help me maintain this blog and give me tech support while I’m in the heart of the Amazon.



Sara is my loving and supportive girlfriend who puts up with my hair-brained schemes even when they involve heading off to the jungle for 3 months. She is helping keep me stay sane by SAT phone and helping maintain the site by providing some background about some of the things I encounter on this trip.