A Weather Station On My Wrist: The Suunto Core


I fell in love with this watch the moment I saw it. My friend came back from a trip to Europe with this thing on his wrist (it is quite large!) and the tech geek in me was enamored. I also love the audacity of the enormous face… you can see this thing a mile away! That aside, the Suunto Core is a gem in terms of altitude, barometric pressure, depth, and direction information.

The watch features three modes: time, altimeter/barometer, and compass. Within each mode there is a litany of “views” on the lower portion of the display.  A quick rundown of some of the main feature:

  • Altimeter: Difference Measurement / Start from 0, Logbook, Automatic Mode
  • Barometer: Storm Alarm, Weather Trend Indicator, Weather Graph
  • Compass: Rotating Bezel (except not in Core Extreme), Digital Bearing, Easy Calibration
  • Depth Measurement: Max. Depth 30 ft/10 m
  • Watch: Sunrise/Sunset Time, Dual Time, Countdown
  • Other: Button Lock, 4 Language Menu



The barometric profile is a fun feature (and useful) that I have been monitoring and playing with. There is a Storm Alarm that sounds when a significant decrease in pressure occurs over a short period of time. This can also be triggered by exiting large building where pressure may be increased due to climate control. While on the expedition I plan to monitor pressure changes in hopes of forecasting weather to some degree.

Recently while skydiving I noticed all the instructors were wearing the Suunto Core due to its altimeter function. Suunto’s altimeter wrist watches are highly regarded by those in the know. I don’t predict using this feature much on my trip as the Amazon Basin is relatively flat.

In the past I have had rubber strapped watches that are sticky, get snagged easily, cause your wrist to sweat, and are generally uncomfortable. However, the Elastomer strap causes no irritation or discomfort. It breathes well, slides in and out of shirt and jacket sleaves, and firmly clips into place.

So far I’ve been pleased with the device and will be sure to put it to the test during the trip!


Check out more at Suunto.

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  2. Great review, Its nice to know this watch is practical and being used by someone who is an adventurer using this watch for its intended purpose. I love my core its truly an awesome watch! keep living the dream bro!

    by Daniel
    on 18. Oct, 2011

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